The All-In-One CSV App For Windows

Find & fix bad CSV data. Query & get totals/avgs. Fast. Easy.
Full database-like functionality... without the database hassles.

ASKY for Windows
Database-like power for your CSV files... just point & click!

Ultra-High Speed

ASKY flies through your huge plain-text CSV data files thanks to optimized program code and design.

Easy To Use

Point-and-click easy - NO language or commands to learn. Just select your data files, a few settings, and click GO.


SQL databases?? Don't need them. Packed with tools, ASKY is industrial-strength. Work with UNLIMITED files/data size.

Sift out the bad records from the good

Have data where the number of fields are off or just don't line up? Of course... bad data happens. The SIFTER will separate out the bad records for you to deal with separately.

Fix them up

Take those bad records the SIFTER found and salvage them. The UTILITIES section has specialized tools to move/replace data from one field to another, add/delete fields, and rearrange field order.

(Curious? See the Rearranger and the Field Modifier in action)

Query everything

Merge those corrected bad records back into the good using the SIFTER again. Then use the point-and-click QUERY to pull records that meet your criteria - as simple or as complex as you want. Get totals/averages on any numeric field in your data... subtotals too.

No need for programmers/techies.
Do it yourself easily with ASKY.


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